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++ Ein Militarist zum Thema ABC-Waffen ++

Eine interessante Website erklärt in wenigen Worten, wie atomare, biologische und chemische Waffen funktionieren und was man dagegen tun kann.

Es ist ziemlich vereinfacht, aber ich würde sagen, die Informationen sind korrekt:

"From: SFC Red Thomas (Ret)
Armor Master Gunner
Mesa, AZ

Since the media has decided to scare everyone with predictions of chemical, biological, or nuclear warfare on our turf I decided to write a paper and keep things in their proper perspective. I am a retired military weapons, munitions, and training expert.

Lesson number one: In the mid 1990s there were a series of nerve gas attacks on crowded Japanese subway stations. Given perfect conditions for an attack less than 10% of the people there were injured (the injured were better in a few hours) and only one percent of the injured died.

60 Minutes once had a fellow telling us that one drop of nerve gas could kill a thousand people, well he didn't tell you the thousand dead people per drop was theoretical.

Drill Sergeants exaggerate how terrible this stuff was to keep the recruits awake in class (I know this because I was a Drill Sergeant too).

Forget everything you've ever seen on TV, in the movies, or read in a novel about this stuff, it was all a lie (read this sentence again out loud!). These weapons are about terror, if you remain calm, you will probably not die. This is far less scary than the media and their "Experts," make it sound.

(Quelle: SFC Red Thomas (Ret), Armor Master Gunner, Mesa, AZ)

PDF des Artikels zum Thema ABC-Waffen

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