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++ Stupid Security Contest 2003 ++

Die Organisation "Privacy International" hat unter anderem eine Auszeichnung für die dümmsten, peinlichsten oder nutzlosesten Sicherheitsmassnahmen ausgeschrieben.

Ein Beispiel aus der Kategorie: "Unerklärlich":
Hi, my nomination for stupid security is budget Irish Airline Ryan Air. They demand photographic ID, even for internal flights (fair enough) - they accept International Student ID cards - easily gotten hold of - but do not accept UK Armed Forces cards - which are only available to serving members of the UK military.

Ein Beispiel aus der Kategorie "Kontraproduktiv":
Universal Studios. For looking underneath with a mirror and opening the trunk of every single car entering the property, but then not caring one wit about the contents.

I've carried removal boxes in and out, and I've been behind people taking in multiple computer boxes, and station wagons so full anything could have been concealed.

Dann noch eines aus der Kategorie "Einschneidend":
My family took a 7-Day Mexican Cruise on the Princess Star last November 2002. We were told that because of 9/11; they now issue all passengers a "security" card along with taking everyone's picture. Every time you embarked/disembarked you were required to insert your card into the slot of a wooden-box (yes, made of wood!). There would be a beep-sound, as a crew-member viewed a TV monitor. (NOTE: Passengers could never see the TV monitor's screen).

Since my daughters (7 & 3) are "independent" -- they insisted on inserting their own card themselves. While my 7 year old could read the sign on "how to properly insert your card" my 3 year old could not. She would insert her security card upside down and/or backwards -- yet it would always beep, allowing her to board.

One time as we returned, my youngest daughter accidentally grabbed my Visa card and inserted that instead of her "security" our surprise the system "beeped" -- the person watching the TV Monitor said nothing, and we all boarded the ship!

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