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++ Demonstranten und der Krieg ++

Well sir, As one who served in Southeast Asia in the most unjust of conflicts, I would like to point out to you that the Bill of Rights and most particularly Freedom of Speech was one of the things that I fought to protect. Not just Freedom of Speech for those who agree with you, but the freedom to hold any viewpoint and speak out in it's defense. To be a patriotic American involves a bit more than displaying a tattered flag from your car, it means that you take your duties as a citizen seriously, you vote, you pay your taxes, and when you feel the country has lost its way, you demonstrate, you protest, you march and speak out against the things you find unjust and abhorrent.

Isn't it truly wonderful to live in a country where you have the right to say what you think?
To work where you want to and live where you wish to?
If you feel a law is unjust, as a good citizen you MUST protest and try to change it.
Perhaps if we all wore uniforms ( like brown shirts) and had mass rallies ( like Munich) you would feel better?
I hope that what I fought for was to preserve the freedoms of all the people, not just those who agree with me.
I'm afraid that the greatest casualty of 9/11 will be our personal freedoms, and if we lose those, then the terrorists have won!

God Bless America, and keep on protesting, but only if you truly believe it to be the right thing....
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