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++ Do you see the beascht? ++

Sick Boy and Renton talk like Sean Connery.
SICK BOY: Do you see the beast? Have you got it in you sights?
RENTON: Clear enough, Moneypenny. This should present no significant problem.
The gun fires and the dog yelps, jumps up and bites its owner (the Skinhead).
SICK BOY: For a vegetarian, Rents, you're a fucking evil shot.

Ja, der Film ist brutal - aber er zeigt die Realität am Rande des Lebens. Wenn man ihn mindestens zwei Mal gesehen hat, dann beginnt man die traurige Geschichte zu verstehen.

Renton turns to see Begbie making his way through the crowd with the pints helf precariously. As he reaches the table a Man standing with a group of friends accidentally nudges Begbie, causing a pint to spill over him.

BEGBIE: For fuck's sake.
MAN: Sorry, mate, I'll get you another.
BEGBIE: All down my fucking front, you fucking idiot.
MAN: Look, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it.
BEGBIE: Sorry's no going to dry me off, you cunt.
RENTON: Cool down, Franco. The guy's sorry.
BEGBIE: Not sorry enough for being a fat cunt.
MAN: Fuck you. If you can't hold a pint, you shouldn't be in the pub, mate. Now fuck off.

Begie drops the remaining three pints. As the Man looks down to the falling glasses, Begbie punches him in the face and knees him in the groin. A fight breaks out between the Man and Begbie. Sick Boy rushes forward to restrain Begbie. Renton sits still, not even looking at the fight or what follows. His eyes are fixed on the bag while his hands fiddle. Begbie stabs Spud in the hand.

Die Texte habe ich hier ausgeliehen.

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